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By Daniel Powers MD

Nationwide Radiology Expert Witness Services

Choosing the right Medical Expert in Radiology can be challenging. Daniel Powers, MD is a good choice because he is licensed in most states + Washington, DC, likes to teach and is Board certified in Diagnostic and Nuclear Radiology (by the American Board of Radiology), with a subspecialty Board certification in Medical Malpractice (by the American College of Legal Medicine) and has a Federal Government certification as a B-Reader (useful for chest x-ray and CT/HRCT evaluation of occupational lung diseases; note: a “B” reader is more advanced than an “A” reader). Not only has he done work and is certified as a general Radiologist, he has additional training in spine and joint imaging.

Services that Dr. Powers provides that you may need in the medicolegal setting:

    1. Providing actual imaging studies
    2. Reviewing outside imaging studies done by others and providing oral or written reports regarding:
      • Imaging findings
      • If appropriate, why the findings may or may not be resulting in clinical symptoms or potential disability
      • If requested, their relationship to a particular accident or
      • Determining the severity of the injury findings (in relationship to surrounding anatomy and the understanding of the physiology)
      • Dating the injury findings
      • In a Rebuttal Report/Arguments to opposing Radiologists and other primary or treating physicians discussing the imaging findings and their meanings
      • Whether an outside reading, falls within or outside of the Standard of Care
      • Whether an outside reading is substandard
      • Whether an outside reading is grossly fraudulent
    3. Providing deposition, arbitration or trial testimony
    4. Working with Attorneys, on both sides, to understand the imaging findings, both in terms of the medical terminology and in relationship to their position
    5. Working with Physicians accused by their medical group or a medical board of substandard readings
    6. Working with Insurance Companies or Government Agencies in identifying fraudulent readings
    7. Educational Support to understand a medical subject related to an imaging topic
    8. Working with artists in representing the findings on imaging studies in an enlarged artist rendition

Areas where I have been used:

1. Obtaining primary imaging tests for treating or evaluating physicians to determine the findings present.

2. Reviewing outside imaging studies for primary diagnosing and treating or disability or injury evaluating physicians, attorneys on both sides, patients curious as to the findings and desiring an opinion, courts, judges, medical boards, workers’ compensation, personal injury and medical malpractice insurance companies and their adjusters and corporations.

3. Case types have included, Workers’ Compensation; Personal Injury – slip and fall, auto accidents and toxic exposures; Longshore; Railroad; Government workers of various types; Medical Malpractice; Criminal; Private; Medical Group or Medical Board Reviews or Appeals; Fraudulent Reading Analysis; Court Mandated; Judge Requested; OSHA mandated screenings and Attorney or Corporate referred.

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